Tuesday, July 27, 2004

"Eyes they have..."

I finally had a long over-due eye doctor's appointment today. The net result is that I now know the dangers of over-used contact lenses! Actually, I also feel the dangers of over-used contact lenses.

DETAILS (if you really want them, read on)

I have an advanced condition with a long name. The rough description is that I have a ton of bumps under my eyelids. If anyone has noticed my eyes tendancy to jump sideways when I blink, you now know the general reason.


Have a great day!
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Blogger Jason Frank. said...

So ... what is the result? Does this mean no more contacts?

5:21 AM, July 28, 2004  
Blogger Kristi said...

MARK!!!!! I TOLD you that you had those old contacts in too long!
Is it very very bad??? Oh what are we going to do with you?

11:03 PM, July 28, 2004  
Blogger Mark R said...

At this point I'm not sure how much less wear I will have to go through...the point in my mind is the age of the lenses I had. Less wear altogether will most likely be prescribed. We'll see! (pun intended)

11:13 PM, July 28, 2004  
Blogger Jason Frank. said...

You realize that you're giving Kristi and I full license to keep a close eye on you, right?

(pun fully intended, and it's better than Mark's! :-P)


5:36 PM, July 29, 2004  

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