Saturday, December 11, 2004

Improper expectations

Here's a good article for reference. It's on the president and the way he approaches social policy issues.

I might add...

The last century defined two main category issues that are affected by government. They are social/domestic issues (any internal matters; think abortion, education, marriage, budget etc.) and foreign/international policy (self explanatory). In reality, the president has more power than the constitution originally seemed to imply--especially in the foreign policy sphere. Its language makes congress the key player in general. However, having what we have, (a more powerful executive), it should be noted that his power does not extend so much into the social sphere as much as some think.

Of the two areas I mentioned, it is on the social side where congress still retains more power. Therefore I agree with the article that many (but not all) evangelicals will be disappointed in the president by the end of 2005. They will clamor that Bush hasn't exercised the "mandate" they personally handed to him in the election. It is really too bad that they expect so much of any president. He does not have the power that many think, nor should he. He is wise in exercising restraint. True, this does not mean he should pass up clear opportunities to make progress, but there is a proper time for everything and he seems to know it.

We should pray for all our leaders.
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