Sunday, January 16, 2005

Giles for our examination

There's always some "hot, new, conservative columnist" out there. The good thing is that there are usually good reasons they are so successful. Doug Giles is one such man. I haven't read any of his books--he has one or two--but I've kept slightly abreast of his columns.

Let me just say that he is the only conservative columnist I've run into with covenantal reformed beliefs. I know that because he is always speaking in those terms and he is highly critical of the evangelical world. Naturally, this means he and I have much in common. However, there are certain other extras in his theological bent that I am sure would tend to differentiate my views from his--I'm thinking in eschatological terms...

This also goes to show you just how transparent he is about what he thinks and believes.

I don't have any arguments with his latest column. The irony of Giles is that many would look for his style among people like Ann Coulter, but his content is something more akin C.S. Lewis or R.C. Sproul. So yes, read his latest and enjoy it for the truth as well as the fire that is Doug Giles.
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