Friday, November 11, 2005

FastMail down

One of the servers on my main email service is down--my account was on that server. Here's the latest excerpt from the FastMail.FM blog:

We’ve been working hard trying to get server4 back up. The good news is that you won’t lose any mail. New mail is being queued, and old mail is safe. The bad news is that the file system is corrupted. We have to restore from backups onto a fresh file system.

The first user restores will be complete in around 10 hours. All users should be restored around 45 hours after that, although we’ll restore the smaller mailboxes first, such that 75% of users will have their mail restored after around 6 hours from the start of the process.
Well...I'm getting tired of not being able to check my email every two hours or less. But I'm sure I'll get over it. If you'd need to email me, I recommend my hotmail address for now. (after this crisis is over, I'll remove that email link from this post so I don't accumulate too much of the inevitable spam)
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