Tuesday, September 07, 2004

...has landed

It's a good day...

The lawn is greener than when I left (and the sun is actually out as well). Jet-lag is not bothering me. I'm almost done sorting one of my overloaded email accounts (the worst one has yet to be touched). I went to my eye doctor today and I have healthy eyes. On the way to the eye doctor, I got some coffee (no need for explanation). I am connected again to the outside world. I can start looking up all the news that I missed (wouldn't you believe it: I had to sit and fume at home during the Dems "convention" and when the GOP's rolls around, I'm out of circulation and miss it in its entirety!). I get to start looking at classes at Western soon (as soon as I prove I have had the measles).

Last and never least, I have a faithful God who brought me through one of the biggest trips of my life with next to no long-term damage!

Got in last night with my sister Beka. I say "with my sister Beka" because there were some people in my church missing who were going to fly with us. They missed the flight unfortunately and had to get a later one but we all are home and happy as far as I know--we are again thankful for a successful trip and a great conference! I could go on for another several thousand words about the conference but I think that can wait and come in bits and pieces. In fact, I plan on spacing out just about all of the experiences from this trip (the ones worth writing about, that is). There's just too much for it to come in one lump sum. So look for installments soon on anything from encampment and military style life to goofy conversations and experiences at a church conference!

In short, I just want you all to know that I have landed. I'm here! I'm alive and glad to be home.
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Blogger Kristi said...

Glad you made it safely back!-also glad your eyes are okay. Yes, you did miss a good GOP convention! But, for some reason, I am sure you will still eventually end up knowing more about it than I do.

12:39 PM, September 07, 2004  
Blogger Jason Frank. said...

Yay! Mark is back! Expect a good, long email within a week! :)

1:44 PM, September 07, 2004  

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