Monday, August 02, 2004

Current mode: campaign!

"Dino Rossi for governor! Would you like some information sir? Ok, have a great day! Good morning ma'am! Would you like some literature about Dino Rossi, the candidate for governor? How about you, sir?" etc, etc.

That's what you could hear spewing from my mouth on a parade route in Ferndale, Washington on Saturday, July 31. It was a long day and I must say I had a bit of fun with it all. I really hadn't done this kind of thing in while. I've been in a total of about 11 political floats in various parades over the years. My job in my younger days was, of course, not much more than sit and wave from the vehicle. Being 20 is apparently reason enough to take to the street and do the fun stuff.

Ferndale is less then friendly to Republicans. I speak from experience. I have been to one other parade in that city--that was 8 years ago and I must say this year was much better in terms of reception! I think there could be a general disenchantment with liberal budget policies and anti-business Democrats in this the state with the highest unemployment rate in the US. We are finding that many Dems, although totally anti-Bush, are waking up to someone like Dino Rossi. Rossi has a lot on his side when it comes to experience in the economy and state government. I am told that there have already been about 4 major donations from moderate Democrats!

It was a long day to be sure! The above post is my lengthy list of resulting weirdities that I deemed worthy of mention!

More on Dino Rossi here!
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