Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Postponed pictures


A couple photos before sending you off to the larger collection.

Joshua and I with the great Phyllis Schlafly.

I took this at Union Station, where we had our pizza party on Thursday.

This is the inestimable Mike Adams who I mentioned being excited to hear in person. Yes I did get my book signed and he really is really awesome. (excuse the understatement)

The fact that we are represented by Rep. Larsen is compounded in this tragic picture as Joshua and I come face to face with the truth.

For now I'm going to have to direct you all to the photo gallary of the D.C. that exists courtesy of Joshua. At the moment, only our pictures are up. I would have pictures up on here but I'm getting impatient with my lack of a decent photo program. I'm working on simpler methods though and should have a few up for commentary soon.

Upward and onward.
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Blogger CelloChic said...

Interesting. Why is Joshua on crutches?

8:53 PM, June 15, 2005  
Blogger tasha said...

I don't know that I'm as into politics as you are, but I would love to visit D.C. sometime! Glad to see that your time was so enjoyable.

I think the photo for your profile is amusing. It makes me smile. :)

9:40 PM, June 15, 2005  
Blogger Crystal said...

Great photos on the Eagle Forum sight. I particularly enjoyed the photos the new WWII memorial. THat is a new one since I was there last time. I also really liked the photos of the city at night...very cool. I have never been up there at night so those were great.
By the way please don't shoot me but who is Phyllis Schlafly again? I know I have heard the name but I have no idea who she is or what she does...please enlighten me a bit. THanks :-)

6:34 PM, June 17, 2005  
Blogger Mark R said...

Joshua would be the best to explain it--he's had a lot of practice :)

That photo was taken at about 11:45 (EST), Saturday evening, at a spanish restaurant in Arlington. Don't ask me why that's significant.

Perhaps Ann Coulter could describe her better than, actually, there's no question, so here's her column from a couple years ago on Phyllis.

10:58 PM, June 17, 2005  
Blogger Gloria said...

Nice pictures Mark. Well you might as well shoot me because I have never heard of Phyllis Schiafly. Or I might have I just can't remember right now.

7:28 PM, June 18, 2005  
Blogger Crystal said...

Thanks for the link about Phyliss Mark. I think I have heard of a couple of her books hence the familiarty of her name. Sounds like a very interesting woman.

2:23 PM, June 19, 2005  
Blogger Crystal said...

Not sure I agree about the woman fire fighter section in the article thought to be honest...maybe it's just because I one day I hope to take EMT training and be a volunteer FF that I am slightly biased. I realize that I wouldn't ever be able to carry a 250lb. man out of a burning building but the Everson dept. asked me to join because they said they need woman on the force to help work with and calm down other woman and children at accidents and fires. Anyway just my soap box on a side issue that really has nothing to do with anything here...

2:26 PM, June 19, 2005  
Blogger Gloria said...

Hey Crystal! I think that it is wonderful that you want to volunteer to be a FF. Hey women can't do the same as men but we are really usefull in other ways.

8:28 PM, June 20, 2005  

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